22 September 2012

New Co-Blogger... Hello, Megan!

Hi everyone! I'm co-blogging with Gianna now. Hi. Hello. Hola. I'm Megan, and I'll be your blogger this afternoon. :)

About Me: I'm a highschooler living in America. I love to read, write, eat Nutella and Popsicles, listen to music (such as One Direction, The Fray, Florence + The Machine and a lot more). I'm also obsessed with Mean Girls. {Omigod, I love your handbag! That's so fetch!}

About My Reviews: I review only YA books. I love most YA genres, but I'd have to say dystopian/sci-fi and contemporary romance are my favorites. I'm not a super-big fantasy fan. The only exception in Peter Pan. I freaking love that guy.

What Makes My Reviews Different From Other's: I'm generally a happy person. It shows in my book reviews, too--people have mentioned how they constantly laugh whether I'm giving a book 5 stars or just 1 star. So... I guess that's a good thing. Ha.

So, to the lovely readers, hello there! I hope you're having a nice day. I sure am. I just ate seven Popsicles in 2 hours. I'm feeling fan-tas-tic.

To the authors and book publishers out there, my email address is mswwrites(at)gmail(dot)com. I'd love to review your book, as long as you either A) send me One Direction tickets or B) send me a lifetime supply of Popsicles. Just kidding. I review for free. I AM JUST THAT KIND, PEOPLE.

Well... nos vemos amigos! Looking forward to blabbing with ya. ;)

xx, Megan