30 December 2012

A Final Farewell

 And so I come here to say goodbye

As you all may or may not have noticed, I haven't blogged here for a long time. A VERY LONG time. I've been neglectful towards my baby here, and I can only say I've been so caught up in my own life! I haven't even had time to read books. (ALTHOUUUGH, I do watch my anime plenty still--when I'm in bed, and it's on my phone.)

I've been talking to my lovely, dear friend, Kristin at Beneath Shining Stars, I Read, and we gradually came to the idea of co-blogging with each other--on her blog.

Honestly, I was supposed to type up my farewell address to this blog a long time ago, but I wasn't ready to face the reality of it all. I have accomplished so many things with this blog, especially with establishing many close friends through networking. My writing skills improved on this blog, and the comments I received were absolutely wonderful and delightful. <3

NEEDLESS TO SAY, a lot of this blog time went to designing this baby! I dressed her up several times, even changed her name here and there. XD ANDDD I think it's crazy to see how many followers this blog gained. Like SERIOUSLY GUYS, over 650? Never expected it to go THAT high, and looking at that always makes me proud of this blog and all of the work I put in.


Maybe I'll come back here one day. Who knows? This blog means so much to me, words can't even explain my feelings.

So, what now?

But for now, if you want to continue following me and my ravings/rantings/ASDFGHJKL-ings about novels and bookish things and my craptastic drawings, come over here! My new bloggy with Kristin is adorable~ <3