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Hello there! Welcome to Books to Infinity and Beyond, a YA book blog. :) I see you've decided to see the blogger behind all this reviews, so without further ado, let the awkwardness begin!

  • Many of you know me as Gianna around the blogosphere, but that's actually not my real name.
    • Odd, right? I have a name much much similar to Gianna, but I figured to change it around just for fun. So yes, Gianna is an alias.
    • And now, that you're wondering, my real name is actually Gianne (gee-yan). :)
  •  I seriously love books.
    • Well, currently, the YA genre. I'm a lover of fantasy and all its sub-genres. (YA high fantasy? SIGN ME UP!) I also adore mythology of any kinds.
  •  I love cats so much that I blog about it.
    • Well, I do blog about cats on Tumblr but that's not entirely what my Tumblr is about.
  •  Anime is my druuug.
    • I'm addicted to anime, and I don't think I can stop it! If you like anime too, we'll be instantly good friends. (Not that we wouldn't be good friends if you didn't like anime.) 
    • If you WANT to get started in anime, ask me for some recommendations! I love giving anime recs to people. 
  • I'm a Twitter freak.
  • I'm actually super shy in real life, but once I start talking, I don't stop! 
  • I'm a teenager. (LE GASP!)
  • I LOVE making new friends, especially on Twitter and IRL (in real life). 
  • I'm currently aspiring to be an author. I'm in the middle of writing something for the YA genre.
  • I really like playing Pokemon.
  • I'm a Virgo, guys! :) (My birthday is in September.)
  • I'm Asian. *-*
Um, well, I've run out of things to say. ._. 

Any more questions? ^___^ Email me at babygeebookreviews[at]gmail[dot]com