23 October 2012

Cover Reveal: Shadow of the Mark

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?! I have seen many beautiful covers in my life, but I can't compare this bad boy to anything else. In about thirty seconds (pretend you're watching TV and listening to my soothing voice) you will see the cover of your dreams. *magical fingers*

I, my friends, am going to present the cover of Carrier of the Mark's sequel, Shadow of the Mark. It's momma was beautiful, but wait 'till you this this baby. Ready? Set... GO!

AND THE LORD SAID, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" WOOOOOOOHOOOO! I don't think anyone is excited as I am on this cover reveal. Leigh has been my friend for a few years now when we first met on Inkpop.com. AND! AND! Get this: for those of you who haven't read Carrier of the Mark, the main character's name is Megan.

Ha. I win. I get the hot Irish boy, ladies. ;) Now, for the synopsis for Shadow of the Mark.

Life for Megan Rosenberg just got a lot more complicated.

While she evoked the air element, and her feelings for Adam intensified, a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal was spun around her. With the Order tightening its hold, and the reinstatement of the Mark Knights, Megan has more questions than answers as the Marked Ones grow in strength.

New people arouse suspicion, the DeRises start behaving strangely, and Megan begins to unravel a destiny shrouded in mystery. It’s a destiny the Order has struggled to hide, and a destiny someone from the past… far in the past, has already laid claim to.

Alliances will be made, and friends will be lost, as the Order’s dark secrets are revealed by the very thing they sought to destroy.

3 lovelies:

Gianne said...

It's pretty (even when I wished that they used another model, because this one is the same as the first cover) and I love the purple dress!

Gianne said...

It's such a pretty cover! She literally looks like she's floating which I got no idea how it relates to the book but, okay. XD

Gianne said...

This cover.

THIS COVER. It's gorgeous. SOOOOO gorgeous. SO perfect ♥

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