22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Books to Infinity!

(Most people would upload pretty pictures of Thanksgiving, but I prefer my drawings just a tad more.)

Just popping in to say haaaapppy Thanksgiving!
 Missed me, darlings? ♥ 

7 lovelies:

Gianne said...

I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS. <3 <3 I miss your posts on this lovely blog sooo much darling, come back! At least you're on Twitter more often these days. :) Love you!!

Gianne said...

You're drawings are so CUTE! <3 I would be exactly the same way. My family had beef barbecue and that was pretty much it. And your blog has changed so much! It looks so gorgeous!!!!

I bet you don't really know me but i <333 you're blog. XD Hahaha so cheesy! >___<

Old follower and hoped you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ^^

Gianne said...

Oh I don't know KNOW you but I most definitely remember you! <3 You're one of my frequent commentators which I sincerely appreciate! :D And it's definitely not cheesy, I'm so glad you like this lil' ol' blog of mine! :)

Thank you, and you too! :3

Gianne said...

I'm coming back, I'M COMING BACK! :')

Gianne said...

OH YEAH, I love you too. :3 <3 <3

Gianne said...

lol you're amazing, gianna. seriously, you made my day with that drawing <3

Gianne said...

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