28 September 2011

Waiting on Wednesday [9/28/11]

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So, recently I finished Clockwork Angel. It was fantastic. I love it. I need more Will! (Even though he pushes my buttons, rahhh, not cool, William, not cool.)

Naturally, this week I'm waiting for:

 My One-Liner Descriptions:
Clockwork Prince: 2 gallons of hot guy time + 3 cups of mysteries + 2 pints of romance + 4 pints of action + a touch of comedy + 2 cups of steampunk = one delicious sounding sequel
This Is Not A Test: Six teens, one room, and a swarm of zombies waiting to eat them outside (with a touch of some intense contemporary).

Although my measurements sounds a bit wrong for CP, I most definitely recommend reading Clockwork Angel if you haven't already. This Is Not A Test also sounds really good too... it has zombies, six teens who may be slowly waiting in that room for their inevitable fate, and it has zombies. Did I mention it has zombies? Hehehe ^///^
What are you guys waiting for?

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Sarah said...

I am so EXCITED for both of these books!!!

check out my waiting on Wednesday!

jenn said...

I still need to read Clockwork Angel and I want to get to it before the sequel comes out!

I've never heard of This is Not a Test, but zombies are always fun:)

New follower!

jenn | my WoW

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVED Clockwork Angel! I have this really big love for steampunk right now and so far Cassie Clare's series is my favourite. I can't wait until CP comes out either!

The other book sounds hilarious too! Zombies and teens waiting to be zombies... it's already starting to sound like an awesome book! ;)

Awesome pick for your WOW, Gianna! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

Steampunk and Zombies? You madame, have FABULOUS taste!
Not sure why I've not yet read the Infernal Devices series but it is definitely on my wishlist.
Thanks for sharing!

*Added to Google reader feed*

Giselle said...

I"m so excited for This is Not A Test. It sounds so amazing I can't wait!! I haven't gotten around to Clockwork Angel yet but I really enjoyed her Mortal Instruments series. I should read it soon.

Xpresso Reads
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Hayley said...

I need clockwork prince soooo bad! Great choices :D

My WoW,

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