26 June 2012

ALA Recap: Day 2 + ALA Book Haul

Hello once again, everyone! :)

NOW, don't kill me but I barely have any pictures from Day 2. x-x (I relied on my dad to take pics of ALA like he did on Saturday, but... he got lazy too. EPIC FAIL.)

I do have pictures of my book haul later in the post, so if you want to skip this text filled part of the post, then by all means, go ahead~

Interesting Things That I Can Recall from Sunday (AKA Day 2)

A) I got there around 9:30ish and I wandered just for a bit till I found Kristin (again)!

B) Kristin and I went to Disney-Hyperion's booth and those lovely people over there gladly gave us the galleys we asked for. (Of course we asked in a very nice, almost shy kind of manner.)

For me, I asked for The Archived by Victoria Schwab and Poison by Bridget Zinn! :D I was SO excited to see that they had galleys of Poison. It was one of the books that made my day!

C) I ended up meeting Ishita (The Reading Fish) and Zareen (Reach for the Stars... And the Books!) (FINALLY!) in the morning and they are such SUPER uber awesome people! 

It was a shame I didn't hang out with them for the entire time, but we did hang out for a bit. :)

D) For most of the time, my group consisted of: Kristin (Beneath Shining Stars, I Read), Molly AKA Usagi (Birth of a New Witch), Jill (Swimming in YA), my dad, and Kristin's HILARIOUS mom. 

E) For about a half hour, Jill and I went on an adventure to go find a mango smoothie! We wandered about in the non-bookish exhibit hall for like a half hour. We asked for directions after a while, and it turns out that the mango smoothies were in a WAY different part of the convention center.

Fail. (It was fun though!)

F) I attended a few signings, sent my dad off to other signings I couldn't make, stalked the publisher booths, and did some other things that I cannot remember for the life of me.


Huge Thank Yous to These Publishers and their Publicists

Disney-Hyperion, Harper-Collins, Penguin, Harlequin TEEN, and Macmillian! You guys were so AWESOME and just plain out friendly. I enjoyed talking to all of your publicists and thank you so much for the galleys you gave me! <3


ALA Book Haul

The moment you've all been waiting for (or not been waiting for since you may have just skipped here), MY ALA BOOK HAUL! YAAAY. 

Okay, I don't really know how many books I got. (I didn't want to count.) I did organize the books by their release date though. :3

Ignore my shoes. BUT YES! Swag! :D

16 lovelies:

Gianna said...

I officially envy you! I hate it that I will not be able to attend either BEA or ALA or any cool author signings anytime soon. Stupid expensive flight! These are the times I really hate living in Europe :(
Awesome, amazing, fantastic haul! Enjoy these books!

Gianna said...

D: Aww, I'm sorry hun!! Europe is plenty of awesome though. :3 I want to visit that place one day~

And thank you! :)

Gianna said...

I'm super jealous!! Although, I'm so glad that you had so much fun and got those fantabulous books! I envy that you got Origin, Prodigy, What's Left of Me, and Shadow and Bone! I'm dying to read all those books.

Enjoy all those fabulous books, Gianna!! <3

-Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

Gianna said...

I am just beyond jealous right now. I hope you had a lot of fun at ALA and enjoy all of those amazing looking books! I really hope I get to go next year!

Gianna said...

I am SO jealous! ALA was all the way across the country for me this year, but I can go sometime in the next two years, and as for BEA, I can't go until I'm 18! So that really sucks, but anyway, I really want those books! Arghh! I'm so jealous!

Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***

Gianna said...

Don't worry, it happens about twice a year (around BEA and when I read about really cool signings) and otherwise I love living here. Austria is just beautiful and Italy and Croatia around the corner (my beloved ocean). I really hope you do come on day and if you do tell me so that we can meet. :)

Gianna said...

I really had fun at ALA. :3 It was so nice to meet all the bloggers and publicists! And thank you!! :)

Hope you do too! It's a wonderful experience! :)

Gianna said...

Shadow and Bone is something I am definitely craving to read ASAP. *--* And aww thanks! :)

Gianna said...

:D Wow, you make Europe sound so awesome! XD And fosho! Definitely :D Once I save enough money for a plane ticket XD Flying is soooo expensive nowadays!

Gianna said...

Oh my word... your book haul... I DIE. I DO NOT KID :O
And I LOVE meeting other bloggers! Sounds like so much fun, Gee! xx

Gianna said...

XD OMFG. THAT IS EXACTLY MY WORDS when I saw people's BEA hauls! And this pile of books is just what I "allowed" myself to get. x-x No "unnecessary" books. x-x

Meeting new bloggers is SUCH an awesome experience. <3 Hopefully I'll meet you ONE DAY! :D And it wassss! <3

Gianna said...

So devastated that asia doesn't have any cool book events like the BEA or ALA :( Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy your books! Looking forward to the reviews :)

Gianna said...

Oh seriously, it has to happen. I am SO coming to one of these amazing conferences you guys have one day and it will HAPPEN!

Gianna said...

D: TIS a shame, Asia doesn't!! I love Asia <3 I've only visited one country, but it's awesome. :3 And hopefully you can come here one day and attend a conference! ^-^ And thank you!! :)

Gianna said...

FOSHIZZZNITS. Then we're going to go hang out and spaz about books and do crazy shenanigans and other stuff. o-o

Gianna said...

Oh my goooood, Gianna! Your book haul makes me want to run over to Cali and be like, "I'M GOING TO BORROW ALL OF THESE!" bahaha. It sounds like you had a really awesome time. I'm glad you finally met Ishita and Zareen! :D <3 Also, I'm really happy that you had fun. (And that you got an awesome haul!) Maybe next time you go to a book event, I'll go with ya. ;)

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