13 August 2011

Monster Review-a-Thon Wrap Up

Before the review-a-thon started, I was all pumped and ready to do this but in the end I only ended up posting like two reviews! One word: faaaaaiiiiiiiil! Although, I'm now in a rhythm of posting reviews more than once a week, so I guess something did come good out of this review-a-thon. :)

My reviews --

Did you guys participate in the review-a-thon too? 

2 lovelies:

Kristen said...

Two reviews is better than none! :) I didn't meet my goal either, but I had some days where I couldn't work on anything blog-wise at all. I need to stop having such a huge backlog lol. :)

Ani Raye said...

Hihi...I never seem to get anywhere with challenges either...and yeah, two is always better than nothing :) New follower, spreading some love, grabbed your badge

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