14 July 2012

Looking for a Co-Blogger!

Or would it be co-BLOGGERS? I'm not too sure yet. Heck, I don't even know if someone even wants to co-blog with me! XD

 Anyways, hello all! I've been meaning to post, I really have, but AP prep classes have been really demanding of my time and I'm going insane over the amount of work I have to do. Never mind me though, that's not the point of this post.

I realized I'm going to be REALLY busy throughout the school year with school and such, and so, I decided to open up the floor for anyone who would like to be my co-blogger! :) I love my blog, I really do, and I do not want to have to neglect it or even shut it down! D:

If I'm like THIS from an AP prep class:

Then only GOSH knows how MORE tired I'll be from an entire day at school with AP CLASSES. XD Heck, I don't even have any reading time lately. D:

So... I need someone's help. :( I really do. 

Fill out the form HERE if any of you are interested. 

Do you DETEST forms? Then shoot me an email instead at babygeebookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me why you want to blog with me, a bit about yourself, and yep. :)

*awkward silence*

No takers? Okay then...

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Gianna said...

That's so awesome that you're taking a co-blogger!! I would totally sign up... but unfortunately, I'm going to be taking AP classes as well, and probably will be SUPER busy during the school year, and I already have my own blog to manage! But if you don't have any takers, Gianna, let me know, and I'll see what I can do for you. ;)

Good luck!!

-Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

Gianna said...

I read this post and I would have LOVED to co-blog with you!!! It would be a complete privilege to help you with your blog <3

Unfortunately, after summer I'll be starting my most important year at secondary (high) school so I won't have a lot of time to update my own blog either so I would probably be an awful co-blogger :(

But I wish all the best on your search, I'm sure you'll get lots of applications :)

Gianna said...

Naw bb, I would totally coblog with you, but you know how I am with Year 12 right. now. T__________T *le sigh* Everything is chaotic and crazy and my exams are in exactly 4 months and ohfosuhsdouh.

Gosh I REALLY hope you get a co-blogger. :( I don't want you to have to shut your blog down either dammit! I honestly don't mind if you're not able to update too much because of your workload, as long as you don't get rid of the blog completely! D: D:

GOOD LUCK HUN. *glomps*

Gianna said...

I would love to coblog as well! Unfortunately I am starting freshman year of college in the fall..so I most likely will need someone to coblog on my blog :( Goodluck with the search!!

Gianna said...

This makes me wish I didn't already have my own blog. I've always wanted to co-blog with someone and I'm taking a year off of school before going to college, so it's perfect really, but I can't decide if I could do both. -_______- I really want to apply because it's something I've always wanted to do. Anyways, good luck darlin (with AP classes and the search for a blogging buddy!) and if you need a back-up co blogger, hit me up. :)

Gianna said...

Awww, thank you, Aneeqah! <3 <3 <3 You're so nice! :)

Gianna said...

Beverley, you're as sweet as cotton candy, y'know that? You're going to give me a tooth ache. -__- <3 Anyways, I totally feel ya, guurrl! (Junior year for me, with TWO AP classes and SPORTS. EEEK.) And just thought that you want to co-blog with someone like me really makes me happy! :') So, THANK YOU. <3

Gianna said...

Aliiiice, yeah, I love you a LOT A LOT LOT LOOTTTTT. <3 :) GOOD LUCK with all them exams and the soon to be baby sister!! :D

I don't want to have to close down my blog, but neglecting it for MONTHS seems almost as bad as that. >-<

Thanksss, darling! *huggsss*

Gianna said...

Seems like everybody is busy with school, huh? :) And good luck for you too!

Gianna said...

Ameliaaaa, you're so kind! :) I just MIGHT take you up on that offer! :3 We already know each other, so that makes it a bit easier for me. :) I'll email you soon~

Gianna said...

Hey Gianna. I read this and I'm a little interested, but like some of the other comments I've read from before, I'll be starting my sophomore year of college in about two weeks from today. I'll be helpful mostly in those two weeks but after that is a huge question. I have my own blog but it's not something serious yet. But I think helping you would make me a better blogger. If I can help and it's in my power than let me know. I probably could help while I'm at school but maybe another co-blogger or someone else could take turns with me so I won't burn myself out. Anyways if you're interested my email is: hillaryreyna@yahoo.com or I also have you on twitter as yellyeahill so just let me know if you want. :)

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