01 July 2012

Stacking the Shelves (7/1/12)

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by the lovely Tynga!

Hello again! :D This week, I didn't get anything at all from my mailbox. ;---; I suppose that's okay because I do have a LOT of titles to read from ALA. :D I did however borrow a book from the library:

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making (AKA longest title EVAR) by Catherynne M. Valente

Dude, this book looks SO cute. GAH. I'm a sucker for these kinds of fantasies. I'm also *attempting* to get back into MG and am now going to try New Adult as well as adult. :)

ALA 2012 Recaps: Day 1 and Day 2 + ALA Book Haul
Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Books I've Read this Week:
Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr

(I wrote a super short NON-spoiler, mini review on Goodreads, if you guys are up for it. :3)

Okay, don't kill me, but I've only read Carnival of Souls this week. o-o I know, ONE BOOK? YOU CRAY CRAY, Gianna. Well, thanks to the AWESOMENESS that is Carnival of Souls, it gave me reader's block! =_= I did not appreciate it. In case, it wasn't clear, I LUUURVED Carnival of Souls. Simply AMAZING.

However, I am reading Shadow and Bone right now (after trying three different books, LOL) and it's amazing. c: ♥

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bookworm105 said...

I only got one books this week too and it was....

Clockwork Prince!

Wahooo! Will is awesome! The prologue was so romantic! :)

That is a long name but i've heard pretty good things about it. I'm looking forward to the review!

Happy reading! =D

Gianna said...

I recently read TGWCFIASOHOM and I really enjoyed it!!!! Just to warn you though, it does require your full attention because there is a LOT happening through out the book! Hope you enjoy it :)

Gianna said...

XD OMG. At first I thought what you wrote was a slur of random letters, but it turns out it's an acronym for the title itself. :) And AWESOME. That sounds great. I'm going to get to it after Shadow and Bone, so I'm really excited! :3 Thannnkks! <3

Gianna said...

Aww, Gianna, with the FANTASTIC haul you got from ALA, I can totally see why you only borrowed one book from library! x) I can't wait to read your reviews on these books! I'm in serious book envy when I read your ALA post LOL! xD

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making (aka the book whose title I copy in comment because it's soooo long and complicated) sounds very cute! I read lovely reviews of this book and I'm thinking to get myself a copy. <3 Happy reading, Gianna! x)

Gianna said...

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making sounds really great! I've been trying to read some more MG lately, so I'm definitely going to have to pick up a copy of this book soon! I'm sorry that you had readers block [but it was in the good way, at least!]. I'm glad you're enjoying Shadow & Bone!!! I can't wait to read that one. =)

Happy reading Gianna! <3

-Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

Gianna said...

Wow, a middle grade book? It's been a while since I've read one, but I'm also planning to in the near future. I'm the same as you, been only focused in young adult for a while. It does seem like a cute read :)

I also read just one book this week, but I'm kind of in a reading slump, unfortunately :( Sad to hear Carnival of Souls wasn't for you! I'll be waiting for your full review <3

Gianna said...

Yay for MG! I'm going to have to try this one if you like iittt. :) Happy readiing Gianna! I hope you get out of your reading slump sooon. <3

My Weekly Book Haul!

Gianna said...

I've never heard of The Girl... but it does look super cute! Enjoy!:))


Gianna said...

ASDFJHFDK:SAGDK:ADF. YOU'VE READ CARNIVAL OF SOULS? I DIE. I can't wait for your review! *bounces*

Also, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making? I kind of love the sound of this one entirely for the title. I SO hope you love! xx

Gianna said...

XD Aww don't be jealous! I'm having a giveaway soon, so don't you worry about that. c; And you should get a copy! That way when I finish it and you're reading it, I'll be like, "HIIILLDA!~ How are you enjoying it!?~" ;D And thank you hun!

Gianna said...

Yay for MG! :D I'm trying to read more too, and I'm going to start with Fairyland and Rick Riordan's series. ;D And S&B is tons of fun, I hope you luuurve it when you get a chance! <3 :D

Gianna said...

Reading too much YA can burn me out, so I'm trying to switch up the genres. :D And nuuuu! NOT a reading slump!! I detest reading slumps immensely. >->

You get me wrong, bby! I LOVEEEEEEED Carnival of Souls! It was AMAZING. <3

Gianna said...

Indeed, "Yay for MG!" :3 And hopefully I will get out of it. ;---; Shadow and Bone seems to be pulling me out c:

Gianna said...

Thanksss! :)

Gianna said...

CoS WAS SOOOOO GOOD, SARAH. <3 <3 <3 I really hope you love it when you get a chance to read it. O----O

Fairyland had a waaay interesting title, so I just had to pick it up at the library. :3 And shmanks, bby! <3

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