21 July 2012

Stacking the Shelves: EPIC Books GALORE Edition (7/20/12)

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AAAHHH. It has been a DREADFULLY long time since I did a Stacking the Shelves post. Well, this week's book haul is an accumulation of all the books I got from the past weeks and this week. :)


Defiance, Keeper, and Ten were all borrowed from the ever lovely AVAAAA. She was so nice to let me borrow such awesome looking books. ;~; (By the way, Ten was AMAZINGLY good. I just finished it today!) Thank you thank you thank you thank you Ava! <3

And... MORE BORROWING! Thanks to my lovely library, I got the next two books in the Night Huntress series, Dark Lover (ugh, don't get me STARTED on that book), and The Night Circus (!!!) :D


I also bought my first two adult romances AND I succeeded in hiding them from my mom. *^* I know, BAD GIANNA, but I was so tempted and I wanted them and yeah. ;~; I bought Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost and The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter. (Darkest Night was SUPER steamy and hawwwt.)


 And last but not least, FOR REVIEW, I got Stormdancer (which, holy SHIT, just happens to NOT be available for reading on the Kindle but I'm nonetheless excited as heck), Silver (Got rejected the first time, and accepted the second! WHOOP WHOOP), Inbetween (for le blog tour), andddd The Mephisto Kiss (EEEEEEEEP.) THANK YOU NETGALLEY and EGMONT. <3

The one I am MOST excited to read is The Mephisto Kiss. I TOTALLY adored the first book in the series, and I cannot wait for this one!


Have you guys even SEEN the cover for Dark Lover? DUDE, it's so suggestive and I think my mom would lock me up if she saw me reading it.

I know y'all probably don't want to read my short story, so I...HID IT! (For the sake of saving space and stuff.) Feel free to click the button to read. :) (I wonder if the button will work.)

Also, I'm very very sorry for not posting so much recently! ;~; I have a TON of commenting as well as REVIEWS to catch up on... (Thanks a lot, AP prep classes!) x__x

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Gianna said...

YAAY FOR AWESOME BOOKS THIS WEEK. Stormdancer--we need to get on daaat. Aww, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Dark Lover. :O I'll try it out soon. YOU'RE SO LUCKY YOU AVOIDED YOUR MOM. ;D So I really want to you to read Defiance. It looks so freaggin' amazzinnnggg. *spazzes* GET GOIN' GIRL. <3 Happy reaaaading!

Gianna said...

I've seen Stormdance on a lot of people's STS posts this week, sounds good. Enjoy your books :)

My STS post

Gianna said...

Wooo, an epic haul indeed! You go many amazing goodies! And I borrow all the time too:)
Happy reading:))


Gianna said...

HAA. Busted, darlin. Using "holy shit" and then following it with the innocent "heck"? GURLL go all the way! XD

YESSS. Sneaking books in the house ROCKS. I like book-related adventures. I think I'll try something suggestive for the "heck" of it. XD

Nice haul! Happy reading!

The Authoress

Gianna said...

intense post!!! lol, not that I'm competing, but stop by my blog and see my Pink Spotlight lol


Gianna said...

What makes me super sad though is that I just marked Dark Lover as a DNF book, aka "did not finish". Romance sucked butt, and if romance sucks butt in an adult romance, Gianna SHALL DROP LE BOOK. Kay kay, thanks for reading. :)

That is one tragic story... Tsk tsk tsk..

Gianna said...

Lol. I'm so grateful I don't live at home anymore. I love my family, but I was hiding books from my mom since I first discovered Animorphs and Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in grade school (yes, my mother didn't want me reading them). But your can't-let-Mom-see this adventures totally remind me of my own! :) Lol

Gianna said...

I spy with my little eye something AMAZING!!!!! Defiance i hear is a killer killer read! and i want Ten so bad!!!!!

Silver is by a local author of mine too! sounds great!and mmmmmmmm Inbetween!!! *dies*

muahaha love your post!!!!! you need to do this more often!

Tara's Haul

And her AMAZING Giveaway

Gianna said...

haha the same with my mom. I've mastered the art of downloading adult books onto my nook instead. My mom usually likes those kinds of adult books, so I usually sneak her's out when she's not home. If your mom is around, try putting another book's jacket over the cover. Works every time.

Gianna said...

THIS IS SUCH A HISTORICAL DAY. NO BODY CARES ABOUT THE OTHER BOOKS EXCEPT THE SCANDALOUS, NEED-TO-HIDE-FROM-MOTHER BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY WERE ALL WONDERFUL. (except Dark Lover but that's okay, I didn't love it either. Don't feel bad)

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